Becca’s Party

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Becca is one of this blog’s biggest fans. On December 20, 2012, she hosted a party at her house. She invited several other blog followers who were required to bring cookies made from one of my recipes. I gave her a couple of bags to raffle off. I even showed up with my family for a brief visit and to draw the names of the lucky bag winners. It was a lot of fun.

Here are the party animals who came for the fun.

Veronica won a bag.

So did Lindsay

The cookies were beautiful!

Becca gets a hug. Philip looking on.


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  • Philip


    Ok. That picture of me is creepy. Maybe crop next time?


  • Carmen


    Bad Tad Cookie party take one! It was a smashing success only made better by the whole family party crashing. Thanks to your family for inspiring the blog creation we can all eat delicious cookies while admiring great bags and learning a little about the medical field. So cool!


  • Becca


    It was a lot of fun! And all the cookies were so delicious. Thank you for donating the bags as the raffle prizes. I’m looking forward to a whole year of recipes for our next party!


  • Ivan


    Just spent an hour reading your blog and still can’t believe I missed the party! If we’re doing it again this year, I’m volunteering as the official photographer!


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