Three Black Bags

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Black straps are prized as only a few come through the department. Three of our nurses set a goal to get black bags and started saving every black strap they could get their hands on. Here are the bags I made for them.

DSC04212 DSC04211 DSC04213


Fire Fighter’s Bag

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Got a request from Eric, the guy who gave me the fire hoses, for a bag for a neighbor whose son is a fire fighter. He specifically asked that the big, brass coupler be attached to the bag. Here is what I came up with. This is a man bag.


A New Strap Recycle Bin

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The bin I used to hold rolled-up straps to return them to the paramedics to use disappeared recently. I decided to make it more clear that the bin I provided was to be used for that specific purpose. I bought a recycle can at Goodwill and decorated it with straps to make it clear that it was not a trash can.


Bumble Bee Bag

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For years, our county Emergency Medical Services (EMS) has used the same yellow-green trauma straps. Recently, patients have been coming in with orange, black and lemon yellow straps. What a great inspiration for any bag maker!

Here is a bumble bee bag I made out of some of the new straps.


New Firehose Bags

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It has been fun to try to think of ways to combine trauma straps with firehoses to make new bag designs. Here is what I came up with recently.

This bag accentuates that printing that is interspersed on the firehoses:

IMG_1539 IMG_1540

This one is striped. It matches Shari’s shirt!



This one is striped with blue trauma straps:


Black with Rectangular Bottom

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I came across a rectangular sheet of relatively rigid plastic. It was just the right size to form the bottom of a bag so I used it, just as it was to reinforce the bottom of this bag. I sewed it in between two layers of black straps so the bottom is not only rectangular, which is unusual for my bags, but is also stiffer so it stands up straight.

Also, this is the first bag I have sewn since the county changed recently to black and orange rather than yellow-green straps. Since I can only use what they bring me, I now have lots of black to inspire me.

DSC04181 DSC04182

Trauma Strap Chimp Swing

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Susan took trauma straps with her to a chimpanzee reserve in Gabon. She shared these pictures of baby chimps swinging on the straps. What a great use of these straps that otherwise would have ended up in the trash!

IMG_2077 IMG_2078 IMG_2079 IMG_2076

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