Padding My Bottom at FabMo

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I decided to use some padding I got at FabMo to see if I could thicken up the bottom of a bag. Here is the padding going between the two layers I usually use for the bag bottom:

DSC03967 DSC03969

And here is a bag I made with the padded bottom and a FabMo zipper.

DSC03970 DSC03971


Blue Bag Made with Fabmo Zippers

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Yesterday, I went to my first Fabmo event. It was fun to meet the great volunteers and I came home with a handful of big, plastic zippers. Here is a bag I came up with, using the zipper only as a decoration. It was Shari’s great idea to use the yellow as a contrasting color.


Here is the front. The zipper starts by the horizontal yellow tab and run around the back of the bag.


Here is the back.

Another Backpack

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One of the hardest things I have done as a bag sewer is to convert a Goodwill backpack into a Tad’s Bags backpack. Here is my latest effort. The last time I did this, I swore I would never do it again. I feel that way again now. I like the way it turned out but it was really a pain. I sure hope Carlo enjoys it.

DSC03941 DSC03940


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I recently learned about an organization that really shares my motivation to keep perfectly good stuff out of the landfill. FabMo. Whereas I focus only on trauma straps, FabMo collects tons of cast off fabrics and other materials. They make them available to artsy people to use in their various creative endeavors. I recently sent them 1700 trauma straps. Here is a bulletin board they put together showing off some of the straps and one of my bags. I am really impressed by what a great job they are going and am excited to be apart of it. Check them out at:


Minion Bags

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Someone recently commented that the yellow and blue bags looked Minions. I got a good laugh at that, especially since we had recently seen the movie and really enjoyed it. I thought about Minions quite a bit while I was sewing up this guys.

DSC03930 DSC03929 DSC03931 DSC03933 DSC03932 DSC03934


My New Bags

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Here is a picture of the two bags I have had in the back of my car. I use them mostly for groceries but they come in handy for other things, as well:


Here are the two bags I am replacing them with. The smaller one is really one of my large bags. The other is a huge bag, patterned after the one my daughter, McKenzie, uses in Manhattan to bring her groceries home on the subway:


This give you a better idea of how big the new bag is:


And here is Hunter checking it out:


A Chance Meeting in Blanding

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My mom and dad were born in Blanding, a very small town in southeastern Utah. They went back there for a visit over the 4th of July and came home with an amazing Tad Bag story.

They dropped into a little chocolate shop on Main Street in Blanding. They somehow struck up a conversation with the other three patrons in the shop. They were vacationing from California and were just passing through town.

As they chatted, my parents learned that one of the other three worked in another hospital here in our fair city. They kept connecting dots until they learned that several of her coworkers also worked in our emergency department. She had coveted the Tad Bags they carried to work at her hospital and had wanted, really badly, to get a bag of her own.

I guess she was pretty blown away when my parents pulled out one of their bags and gave it to her. When she gets back home, she will head off to work with a Tad Bag she picked up in a chocolate shop in Blanding, Utah.

Somehow, three people just happened into the same shop at the same time in a little town over a thousand miles from where they lived. They struck up a conversation and learned they both knew of me. Two were my parents. One knew me only as the emergency doctor who sewed bags from trauma straps. My parents just happened to have a bag, which they were glad to share with her.

Here is a picture of Gina with Howard and Corine, my generous parents.


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