Firehose Bags

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My friend, Eric, came to own several firehoses. Though they had never been used, they were worthless unless someone could come up with an idea for repurposing. He offered one to me to see if they could be made into a bag. I was skeptical but gave it a try. Though they presented some interesting challenges, here is what I came up with on first pass:

First, what the firehose looks like:


What the bags looked like:

DSC04118 DSC04123

And it made me happy:


And it made Eric happy:


Oh, and here is a salt shaker I made out of the nozzle and a connector:


DSC04133 DSC04132


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Comments (4)

  • Ruth Anne


    Reading about your ingenuity to create unique bags out of emergency equipment is always enjoyable.
    You make an enthusiastic model!
    And yes, Eric does look pleased.
    BTW, that salt shaker is dispensing a large quantity of salt!!


    • Tad


      I had the salt shaker opened up a bit more than you would if you were salting your popcorn, so you could see that it was working. It is kind of a crazy, over the top thing.


      • Ruth Anne


        Thanks Tad! A very fun and unexpected application for a fire hose nozzle and connector.


  • Thank you agaibn for the bag Tad I love it and am going to show it off!


    What a creative idea for the salt shaker. You should go into invention making.


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