Secret Service in Town

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President Obama was in our fair city this week. I became aware of this when it was pointed out to me that there was a Secret Service agent hanging out in our intake room. Since we were one of the designated hospitals to which he might be taken if need arose, they had checked the place out and an agent was hanging out there the night before the visit.

Since it was Thursday night, my cookies were to be had. One of our clerks asked me if she could take one to the agent. After he ate a Wasabi Pea Lace Cookie (recipe to be posted next week) I went to see if he liked it. He said he had never eaten a cookie like that before and said he really liked it. I told him about my blog, pointed out that Michelle Obama’s favorite cookie is one of my postings and jokingly told him to make sure she was aware of that.

He spent quite a while reading my “Kooks” postings and seemed really excited to read about all the crazy stuff we see in the emergency department. It is fun for me to share my cookies and stories with visitors like this.

Winner of the First Annual Get a Bag Contest

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Thanks to everyone who contributed to my first annual Get a Bag Contest  I announced last month. A lot of people sent in many wonderful ideas. Some of them like sexy night wear and prom dresses will probably stay on the drawing board indefinitely but some of the others have my mind going already!

Anya is the winner of the contest. She sent in a lot of great ideas and here is what I made with one of them. It is a belt case that will hold both my Leatherman and my trauma shears, which I usually hang from a retractable key ring on my belt. As I have mentioned before, sewing little things is pretty tricky and I had to go through several tries before I got it right. Big problem: no room for one of my BadTadMD patches!


Get a Bag Competition

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To celebrate the First Anniversary my blog, I have decided to have a competition.

Write to me or post to the blog a fun idea of something that someone might make out of trauma straps. Any idea will be accepted, practical or fantastic.

On April 1st, 2013, a winner will be selected and will receive a Tad Bag.

I am really excited to see what you come up with! Hopefully you will be excited to get your bag! Emails Identified as Spam

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Recently, I became aware that some servers were identifying emails as spam. Several people had not been getting notifications of my postings. If you have not been being notified of my postings, please make sure the emails from my site are not in your spam folder.



Becca’s Party

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Becca is one of this blog’s biggest fans. On December 20, 2012, she hosted a party at her house. She invited several other blog followers who were required to bring cookies made from one of my recipes. I gave her a couple of bags to raffle off. I even showed up with my family for a brief visit and to draw the names of the lucky bag winners. It was a lot of fun.

Here are the party animals who came for the fun.

Veronica won a bag.

So did Lindsay

The cookies were beautiful!

Becca gets a hug. Philip looking on.


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