Secret Service in Town

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President Obama was in our fair city this week. I became aware of this when it was pointed out to me that there was a Secret Service agent hanging out in our intake room. Since we were one of the designated hospitals to which he might be taken if need arose, they had checked the place out and an agent was hanging out there the night before the visit.

Since it was Thursday night, my cookies were to be had. One of our clerks asked me if she could take one to the agent. After he ate a Wasabi Pea Lace Cookie (recipe to be posted next week) I went to see if he liked it. He said he had never eaten a cookie like that before and said he really liked it. I told him about my blog, pointed out that Michelle Obama’s favorite cookie is one of my postings and jokingly told him to make sure she was aware of that.

He spent quite a while reading my “Kooks” postings and seemed really excited to read about all the crazy stuff we see in the emergency department. It is fun for me to share my cookies and stories with visitors like this.

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