Month: April 2015

  • Malt Cookies with Caramel-filled Chocolate Easter Eggs

    At Nob Hill on the day after Easter, we bought some bags of Palmer’s caramel-filled chocolate eggs for half price. We should have tried one first because they were not very good and we determined not to eat them. Their presence inspired me to use them for my Emergency Department cookies on Thursday. I used…

  • A Tampon, Three Visits for Two Falls and Murderous Inclinations



    Where Did that Tampon Go? A 34-year-old lady came in after attending her hypnosis session earlier in the day. She said she was on her period so, before going to hypnotherapy, she remembered changing her tampon, placing a fresh one. When she got home, however, she was surprised to discover there was no tampon. She…

  • Alfajores

      This spring, we went to Patagonia to celebrate our thirty-fifth anniversary. While we were there, we discovered alfajores* (all-fah-HOR-es.) This week I tried for the first time to make them and they turned out really fun. The cookies are very easy to make and, if you buy the dulce de leche rather than make…

  • More Red and Black

    A couple of weeks ago, I shared bags made, for the first time, with red straps. Since then, I came across short straps of red. One was seat belt materiel, the other just regular straps. I think I am going to adopt the seat belt one for my personal use.  

  • I Am Stress



    Last week, I talked about “Chief Complaint” and gave an example of a list of complaints from a Vietnamese woman. As it so happens, I had a patient this week from Guatemala who presented me with a similar list of complaints. After introducing myself, I asked her why she was there. She then talked for…

  • Chief Complaint



    When evaluating patients in the emergency department, we start with what is called “The Chief Compliant.” This is what the patient says is wrong, usually a symptom. Sometimes, that is very straightforward: “I fell and twisted my ankle” or “I have chest pain.” Based on the chief complaint, we ask more questions, do a physical…

  • Yellow and Green, Again

    A couple of week ago, I made a bag out of seat belts that was olive green and bright yellow. I came across some more yellow and green and made this bag. It is not seat belt material and the green is a lot brighter. By the time I made the bag, there was not…

  • Ube Crinkles

    Anyone following the cookie recipes in my blog will know that an unusual ingredient is the most likely thing to get me to try a new recipe. The other night, LA, one of our emergency doctors, challenged me to come up with ube cookies. At first blush, this seemed crazy but when I went to…

  • Blue with Diagonal Yellow

    A new angle on a blue and yellow bag:

  • Dr. Who?



    I have been called a lot of names while caring for patients in the emergency department. Many of them are too rude to repeat here and have been hurled at me by people who were chemically impaired. I always ignore these insults. Even in 2015, I am still sometimes called a hippie. I am never…