Malt Cookies with Caramel-filled Chocolate Easter Eggs


At Nob Hill on the day after Easter, we bought some bags of Palmer’s caramel-filled chocolate eggs for half price. We should have tried one first because they were not very good and we determined not to eat them. Their presence inspired me to use them for my Emergency Department cookies on Thursday.

I used the recipe for Chocolate Whopper Malted Cookies from my blog but left out the Whoppers and chocolate chips.

I put a tablespoon of dough on the parchment.


I perched an egg on the dough.


I covered it with another tablespoon of dough.


When baked, the egg melted and filled the cookie with chocolate and caramel

DSC03743 DSC03744


3 responses to “Malt Cookies with Caramel-filled Chocolate Easter Eggs”

  1. Annessa

    And how did they taste?

  2. Diane

    Were they good????

  3. I didn’t think they were that great but they got gobbled down at work.

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