Month: July 2017

  • Brownie Crisps

       Shari made a coconut cream pie for Thanksgiving. Great recipe. Ask if you want it. Anyway, I went looking for cookie recipes that would use up the 7 egg whites left over from the pie. This is what I came up with and, I think their efforts to reproduce that crunch and chew of…

  • Jacob’s Surfing Bag

    Jacob loves to use his Tad Bad for his gear when he hits the waves in Brookings, Oregon.      

  • A Woman from Utah



    A woman from Utah was visiting a friend in New Orleans when they had some sort of a falling out. For reasons unknown to me, this falling out resulted in her being committed to the Crisis Intervention Unit (CIU) at Charity Hospital, where I was spending a month to learn more about psychiatric emergencies. I…