900 Straps for RAFT

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As I carry bags of used trauma straps out of the emergency department, comments are often made that show people ┬áhave a vision that I make every strap into a bag. The only way I could possibly do that would be to sew bags full time. Let’s see: It takes about two hours or so to sew up a bag. It took me about six weeks to collect the last 900 straps I sent to RAFT . It takes about four straps per bag. So, if all those straps had gone into bags, I would have had to have spent about about 75 hours per week if I had sewn them all into bags! It is a good thing that RAFT will take them, to keep them out of the land fill. I would be swimming in them if they were all here at my house.

I have told you before about RAFT. It is a great place where teachers can go and buy stuff that has been discarded, mostly by industry, for use as teaching aids. Check it out at:


Here is the back of my car with the 900 straps I donated this week.

900 straps for RAFT


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  • M Backes


    Raft is awesome. I have volunteered there many times. I am sure these straps will be put to good use. I’m glad they’re not going to the landfill either. I think you or your wife should hold an enrichment class so we can all try to make a bag sometime. Lol


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