Sense of Entitlement

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Free Ultrasound

A lady in her twenties came in with a gallbladder attack. I treated her pain and ran some blood tests to make sure she didn’t need to be admitted to the hospital. I then told her she needed to get the report of her gallbladder ultrasound, which had been done at another hospital. The surgeons would need this before they would schedule her to have her gallbladder removed.

She said she didn’t want to have to contact the other hospital to get the results of her previous ultrasound. She just wanted to have it done again. When I told her that would be a waste of money, she said. “I don’t have to pay.”

When I pointed out that it still costs someone money, she rolled her eyes and said, “F—!” as she walked out the door.


Needed a Ride Home

A 69-year-old man was out in public and wanted a ride home but had no money. He haled a cab but the cabby refused to take his watch as payment for the ride. He then fell on the ground, feigning to be ill so an ambulance was called. The medics transported him to the emergency department where he had no medical complaint.

He was found to be dirty, disheveled and smelly. The social worker was consulted to try to get him a ride home.


Obama Cab Voucher

A woman in her sixties was ready to be discharged. She said she had no way of getting home and asked for a voucher to pay for a cab ride. When the nurse told her the hospital did not offer cab vouchers, the patient grew upset and said, “That’s not true! Obama passed a law that you have to give cab vouchers!”



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