Add a Strap

I don’t always make whole bags. A friend came over and asked me to put a strap on her computer bag. This is what I came up with. Though it was a pain to sew down inside the bag, it turned out very well.


4 responses to “Add a Strap”

  1. Natalie Hardie

    I love it! I still use my bag for work every day and always get compliments on it.

  2. Virginia Swensen

    Very attractive! Good work!

  3. Ruth Anne Shepherd

    Looks like your sewing machine will sew anywhere, pain or not! It has always been fun to see you make bags with straps and and now attach straps to existing bags. I still love my Manhattan bag. 🙂

  4. I love it too. You are a creative in every sense of the word.

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