An Uncomfortable Feeling Down There

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Rectal Foriegn Body

A patient has been visiting our emergency department a lot lately. He is a permanent resident of a psychiatric care facility and he likes to stick thinks in his rectum. The staff at the facility have to keep everything away from him or he will spirit it away and insert it. Fortunately, most of the things he gets ahold of are small and don’t need to be removed, like a glue stick or a cap to a pen. When this happens and the staff of the care facility find out about it, they send him to us. We just send him back home to poo.

In this case, he was able to get a hold of a can of shaving cream. He had to be taken to the operating room where the surgeons were able to remove it once he was asleep and relaxed. Sometimes, it is not possible to take the object out via the way it was inserted and it is necessary to cut into the abdomen to remove it. The patient ends up with a colostomy for a while, then a second operation in a few months to take down the colostomy.

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  • Becca


    Please tell me it was one of those travel-size shaving creams. I can’t imagine a full size.


  • Carolyn


    Lol Becca, I can’t either!


  • Asucena


    Hope it was an travel size 1


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