Bachelor Party Gone Bad

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A 21-year-old woman was drinking with her girl friends the night before she was to be wed. They decided to crash the bachelor party that was going on at that same time. I don’t know exactly what the ladies did once they arrived at the party but they left quickly. When they jumped in the car and drove away, the bachelors chased after them.

As they raced each other in their respective cars, the bachelors pulled up next to the ladies. The groom then threw a full can of beer at the other car. It went in an open window and struck the bride on the side of the face and knocked her unconscious.

By the time she arrived in the emergency department, she was alert but had a badly bruised face and hysterical blindness in one eye. The bride’s CAT scan showed no broken bones or brain injury. Her vision returned and she was discharged home to get married the next day – or not.

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  • Keoki


    Just had to laugh. It is sad when people don’t try to control their natural tendencies. Heartache, pain, temp blindness. Bad


  • Rebecca


    Why do people need to have the bachelor type parties the night before? Unless you DON’T drink, it never ends up well it seems! LOL! I hope that bride had a good makeup person for her big day! What a story they will be telling for awhile! AND… it will probably be awhile before they can laugh about it for sure! :)~


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