Best Bag I Ever Made

Written by Tad. Posted in Trauma Strap Bags

Last weekend, I gave my wife’s very nice bag away to my sister-in-law with a promise I would make a new one to replace it. In order to be good to my word, I spent some time this last week carefully making a bag that, with all due humility, is the nicest bag I have ever made. I was very careful at each step of construction. I wanted it to be prefect for her and, though there is no such thing as perfection in this endeavor, it is, for sure, the best bag I have ever made.


Orange with black trim. Large and symetrical


This is detail on the inside: zippered pocket with pen slots. A carabiner for car keys.


From the end, a black stripe up the side.



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  • Keoki


    Tad, you are a great guy to have made the PERFECT bag for Shari. You guys really deserve each other.


  • Becca


    GREAT JOB! Your wife deserves the finest of the finest!


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