Black and Maroon


Some ambulance came in from somewhere with maroon straps made of the same materiel as seat belts. They have been sitting around here for a long time and I finally had a chance to make a bag out of them. My new “man bag.”


8 responses to “Black and Maroon”

  1. Corky Gutierrez

    Wow! Love that one. I’d be interested in purchasing one of those from u if u take orders?

  2. Stunning!

  3. Susie Souza

    I think one is very sophisticated. Like it!

  4. kathy morgan

    Love it! Great look. Awesome

  5. Janine Crozier

    Hi Tad,
    This bag grabs my attention and makes me think wow now thats beautiful! Very artsy colors and pattern for dress or casual use. Sure would like to bid for one if u make a another like it!

  6. Virginia Swensen

    Looks like this is a big hit. It is for me as well. I brought my orange one to Utah with me but I sure would love that color too. Love it!

  7. Michelle Hyde

    Very handsome bag, and I love the logo!

  8. Keoki Williams

    Tad, You are always surprising me with your creativity and stories. Such good stuff.

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