Cars Gone Wild



Last week we did crazy teen drivers. Here are some more crazy car stories.

Crushed by Daughter

A 44-year-old man was standing in front of his house when his daughter pulled into the driveway. She lost control of the car as she pulled in, striking the father. He was crushed between the bumper of the car and the wall of the house. He had multiple factures and other internal injuries that had to be repaired in the operating room.


Double Bad Luck

A 34 year-old man was driving his car and was rear-ended by another car. When he got out to check the damage, he was knocked to the ground by a third car as it passed. He was transported to the emergency department for evaluation and care of multiple injuries.


Poor Get Away

A paraplegic man purposefully ran his wheelchair into a slowly moving car. When the driver of the car stopped and got out to see if the man in the wheelchair had been injured, an third man car-jacked him and took off with his car.

The paraplegic and his wheelchair were unintentionally injured when struck by the car so he was unable to flee with his partner-in-crime. He was brought to the emergency department by ambulance for treatment of his injuries before being taken to jail.



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