My “Cookie Bag”

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For years, I have been taking cookies to the emergency department. Usually, they are stacked in gallon-sized Zip-Lock bags, carried in my Cookie Bag. The other day, when I came home from the hospital, I noticed that some of the seams were coming apart. I took it to my sewing room to mend it, like I have done with other bags a few times in the past.

As I started to sew up the splitting seams, I was surprised at what happened. The nylon straps just crumbled rather than sew together. The bag was literally falling apart. That lead me to do two things: 1. sew a new bag. 2. look to find out how old the Cookie Bag was.

Looking back, I was able to find a picture of my newly created Cookie bag: 20 August 2012. Almost seven years ago. That bag took a lot of cookies to the ED in its time. Now, it has been replaced. We will see how long this one lasts.

Dead Cookie Bag

Same bag when new in 2012

Replacement Cookie Bag 2019

A Bag for Chile

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My friend, Teresa, is heading to Chile, home of her birth, for a visit. She asked me for a BIG Tad Bag to help her carry her stuff around on her visit.

Tad Bags Sewn in a Hotel Room

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I have been working out of town. This gives me time looking for entertainment in my hotel-room home. This last week, I decided to take my sewing machine and try to make up some bags for people who have been asking for them. Here is what I came up with.


Tad Bag for Tad

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I have not made a bag, specifically for myself, for a long time. I recently had my Timbuk2 bag stolen. I had been taking my junk to work in that bag for over 20 years. What a bummer! To make myself feel better, I made a great new bag, just to my specifications.

Classic orange and black.

Big enough to hold everything I need during a shift in the emergency department.

Cool zippered pocket built into the side.

Meagan’s Cat

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Meagan is a paramedic who asked me for a Tad Bag. She shared this picture of her cat sitting in the bag. She shared this picture with me and I share with you.

Add a Strap

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I don’t always make whole bags. A friend came over and asked me to put a strap on her computer bag. This is what I came up with. Though it was a pain to sew down inside the bag, it turned out very well.

Sharks Bag

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My daughter and son-in-law gave me some teal-colored straps. I decided to make a Sharks bag. I looked at hundreds of Sharks images on the internet, trying to get inspired. I was not happy with how it first turned out so I also bought some white straps and figured out how to make teeth. I am quite pleased, actually, with how it turned out.


I put the obligatory buckle down the side.

Yoga Mat Wrap for Sandy

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My son’s mother-in-law asked if I could make a bag for her yoga mat. I wondered if something other than a bag might work better. What I came up with was a wrap. The wrap rolls around the rolled-up pad. It closes with Velcro and can be thrown over her shoulder. I think it came out pretty nice


And so does Hunter.

Jessica’s “New” Bag

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Black straps only rarely come in and, since they are so cool, are much in demand. Many people have asked for a black bag and I have to say, “Sorry.”

One of our nurses, Jessica, wouldn’t take “No” for an answer. She went onto Amazon and bought a roll of black strapping. Here is the bag I made out if it. The only bag I have even made with new materials.

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