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Think Emergency Department means “emergency?” Check out some of these ED patient complaints.

26 year-old female presented at 6:00 in the morning complaining of being weak and tired after being up all night drinking whiskey at a party.

20-year-old man presented with a chief complaint of uncontrollable farting when he gets nervous.

An adult woman came in complaining of a “virginal infection.”

18-year-old woman smelled blood in her nose for three minutes, fifteen minutes before arriving at the emergency department.

Young female claimed to have complete amnesia for everything in her life up until she saw the “emergency” sign out front.

21-year-old man came in with a self-inflicted laceration in the middle of his forehead, which he caused trying to remove a “computer chip” from his brain.

19-year-old man complained of feeling funny after taking LSD.






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