Diabetic Type II

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Some people really want their doctor to know the exact details of their symptoms. This often leads to extended written accounts of details patients believe will help with their diagnosis. Here is a reproduction of a written note a patient brought in to help outline his symptoms. If you have a hard time following it, I do to. In the end, we found nothing wrong and the patient left without a diagnosis. As I sent him off to follow up with his primary care doctor, feeling sure he had no emergency, I wondered if someone, someday, will find a strange medical condition to explain the symptoms or if it was all just mental. This is not an unusual thought as I discharge people. It seems mental to me but I don’t know everything.


Diabetic Type II
Off meds long time
#’s run in 200’s

Wed 7/6

3:30 AM

-woke up dizzy
-sat on edge of bed
-got online and video chat so people could watch me, make sure I was OK

4:00 PM

-eyesight got strange
-couldn’t see part of right side of vision. close one eye can see OK. close other eye see OK. both eyes – missing right side view

4:30 PM

-right side of lips (top + bottom) went numb for a little while. right arm and leg got weak and shaky
-only lasted a little while then lips ok again + arm/leg ok too (no shaky)

4:45 PM

-nauseas – didn’t throw up – just wretched

5:30 AM

-headache left front behind eye
-took Naprosyn Sodium (just one)

6:00 AM

-went to sleep
-eyesight still messed up

10:00 AM

-woke up feeling better
-no headache
-eyesight ok (but bright spots)


-bright spot/line in right eye fading but still there
afternoon       -small headache
-took Naprosyn – headache faded away

1 periods of dizziness

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