Egyptian Cookies

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Dina is one of our PAs. She brought me a plate of fun cookies that her mother, who is Egyptian, made for me. I was really impressed with all the work to make so many different kinds. When I make cookies, I only make one kind at a time. These were very interesting to look at and fun to eat as well.

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  • Jaralee Wettstein(Marg's friend)


    What would you do with my favorite brownie recipe? I like goodie!
    1 c butter. Bake at 350
    1 c sugar For 25 min.
    1 1/2 t baking powder
    4 t real vanilla. In oblong cake pan
    1 c brown sugar Grease and floured
    1/4 c cocoa. Frosting optional:
    3 large eggs. 2 1/2 c powdereds sugar
    2 c. Flour. 1/3 c butter & pinch salt
    Pinch salt. 2 T quick cocoa
    1 c chopped walnuts Bit of hot H2o


  • Tad


    What would I do with your favorite brownie recipe? Make them and eat them!


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