Hand Bag

The smaller the bag, the trickier it is to sew.


6 responses to “Hand Bag”

  1. That one’s amazing! I love it!

  2. The handbag looks great. I had no idea that Taser stood for something. You learn something new everyday.

  3. Love the small bag! Does it come in other colors?

    1. I could make it in any color the straps come in but it was a very difficult one to make. I made one for my wife and one for my mother and have no plans to make another.

  4. Llisell

    Dr. Tad,

    I was shopping at Target yesterday and the checker complimented me on my bag! I told her a very crafty physician made it out of recycled goods! She was very impressed, and she especially liked the buckle detail.

    I will send you a photo of me with my bag soon!

    Have a great week!

  5. Michelle

    haha, Tad! Now I am not a crass person at all, but I have to point out your posts about “bags” “scrotums” and “balls” all on the same day!?? Was that done on purpose? If not, such a funny coincidence.

    I always enjoy reading your posts…


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