How Many Bags Have I Made?

Written by Tad. Posted in Trauma Strap Bags

After having made many bags, the OCD part of me wished I had kept count, but it was too late. When I look at pictures I have taken, it gives me some idea of a minimum count. I have pictures of about 200 individual bags. I have made many that never got their pictures taken. Look at these two collections of extra buckles that were take off straps I used on bags but were not needed for decorations. I have made quite a few bags.

I donate these buckles and unused straps to Resource Area for Teachers*. I have no idea what the teachers who buy stuff at RAFT do with my donations but they always disappear.












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Comments (2)

  • Chip


    That’s a to of left over buckles! Nice legs too.


  • Alicia


    I was wondering why those buckles looked so familiar!


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