Keep Your Eyes on Your Valuables

Written by Tad. Posted in Kooks

A young man was seen by a state trouper to be weaving on the road. When the trouper tried to pull him over, he took off. A high-speed chase ensued that resulted in the patient crashing his car. After being arrested, he was brought to our emergency department by ambulance for evaluation.

My examination showed that he was not seriously injured. I ordered some x-rays.

While the patient was in x-ray, the arresting trouper came into the nurses’ station, sat down and began bragging that the patient was wanted on a large warrant. He was quite proud of himself for bagging a wanted man.

As he sat by me, writing his report, the x-ray technician came in and calmly told us the patient had gotten up of the x-ray table and run out of the hospital in his underwear. Upon hearing this news, the trouper swore, hurriedly grabbed his stuff and ran off after his prisoner. If he was ever caught, they didn’t bring him back to see us again.

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