Complaints, Many

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A 47-year-old man came in with so many complaints that, after I listed them, there was no more space to write on the chart. Here they are:

Exposed to various contaminations: oil, paint, varnish, and ZEC for several days.

Banged his knuckle.

Trouble with ventilation: the heater in his house contaminated with fumes.

Comet cleanser used to clean the sink caused fumes that caused him to almost pass out.

Tide and garden chemicals that were by the heater were pumped through the heater.

Left nasal pain for 2 days since he picked it.

Painters’ soap up left nose.

Spitting up “crap.”

Varnish comes in through the windows from outside the house because of the cold weather.

Contaminations in food, coffee and water.

Vomiting and coughing up brown varnish.

Numbness in hands.

Spitting up soda after using Comet.

Finding pockets of air with varnish in them all around the house. Unable to ventilate the house so it just keeps coming back in.

Washer and dryer cause his body to vibrate.

Gets sick while smoking cigarettes and marijuana.

Feels better after putting hydrogen peroxide on his hand.

Decrease in bowel transit time.

Has “fatigue points” on his legs that are sore.

His van clogs up with “smog cast” that he can’t clear out.

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