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When we lived in Alabama, our next door neighbor had a “Man Cave” in one corner of his garage. He had the walls covered with Crimson Tide memorabilia, a TV to watch the games and a comfortable chair where he could smoke his pipe, which was not allowed in the house. I wonder what he would think of my Man Cave?

We recently did some painting and reorganizing in our house. That gave me the opportunity to redo my sewing area so I have good lights and a glass-covered table where I can sew and cut straps with my hot knife. I got new drawers and shelves for organizing. I bought bins from The Container Store and built a rack in the closet to hold straps. It is quite the Man Cave, don’t you think?


This shows the sewing/cutting table, radio and a work table where I layout and measure. You can also see the pin board where I have the nice thank you notes grateful bag recipients have sent me.


Another view of the sewing table.


This is half of the closet with drawers, shelves and bins. An organizer’s delight!


The other half of the closet with my angle iron strap rack. The best set up I have ever had for having the straps organized and accessible.

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  • Becca


    I’ve been sick lately, so I haven’t been frequenting the site very often, but I need to play catch up. This “man cave” give me motivation (in another month) to organize and start nesting. Ivan says I’ve never nested in our marriage, but I am going to prove him wrong this time! (He just needs to give me a gift cert to the Container store;)


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