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I just hired a PR guy to help me promote my cookies. Here is what I am going to put on every bag of cookies I make from now on:

The Art of the Cookie

Begin with a baker’s soul. Seek the finest ingredients. Explore nature’s infinite variety of flavors and textures – crunchy, sweet, rich… oh, and chocolate.

Entertain inspirations. Embrace decadent cravings. Reward yourself. Open…Taste…Delight.


Actually, I got this off a package of Pepperidge Farms cookies someone left lying around the emergency department. Who the heck writes stuff like this?


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  • Sandy


    I got a wee bit concerned when I read your PR post on the Art of the cookie. Thanks for clearing it up in the end. But one thing I like about cookies are the different textures.


  • Becca


    Open… Taste… Delight….

    I wouldn’t waste my calories on Pepperidge cookies.


  • Nita




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