Orange and Blue Bags This Week

Written by Tad. Posted in Trauma Strap Bags

I spent some spare time the last couple of weeks making these bags. My wife asked me why I made seven and I told her it was because that is how many bottoms could be cut out of the material. Doing seven at a time makes me more efficient but at times I do feel like I am in a sweat shop. I crammed them in my locker at work and they are gone already!


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  • Annessa


    The colors on those are striking!


  • asucena villa


    I sure wish to some day be able to get my hands on one of those very very nice hand bags again (onces again it was stolen from my work brake room) while I was work one night but I have an locker now but I would live to have one I’m even willing to pay u for it so u can make some more or us the fund for other good use in sure u can I all so like the cookie u tell me tomake ththey don’t come out as nice looking as yours but they still taste just as great I hope may be I can make u some for u and your family well I all so enjoy your story as well too I’m living in Bakersfield ca I’m an nursing students at Salinas ca I drive to school once a week and work nights 3 days a week and I have two kids 18 Anand 5 and my boyfriend who I hope some day will be more then that to me be only god will know if u like I’m willing to drive to pick up an bag ok 408.466.0011 just let me know when were and to meet u at and ill try to be there ok


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