Philip Sews a Bag

Written by Tad. Posted in Trauma Strap Bags

When Philip was watching Elizabeth sew her bag, he came up with the idea for polka-dots. Pretty soon, he had worked out and put into action his plan for yellow on black.

Here he is sewing at the dining room table.

Here he is, justifiably proud of his creation.

A great bag, especially for a beginner!

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  • Christy


    Wow! polka dots are a classic. This is very vogue.


  • tad


    From Aunt Betty:
    You people do it all!!!!! Such creativity. The bag is darling — and lucky charms in cookies? I’ve heard it all!

    By the way among other uses, “our” bag is currently going to church every other Sunday to carry Uncle Boyd’s Sunday School materials. 🙂


  • Elizabeth


    Philip always has his wheel spinning to figure out the next cool thing he wants to do. Your help and sewing machine really channeled his creativity, which I think he gets from you!


  • Flavia


    That’s a cute bag!


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