Pumpkin Cookies for Thanksgiving

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I have been going to share with you a pumpkin cookie recipe for quite a while. With Thanksgiving here, what better time? I looked through my recipes for pumpkin cookies and found five I had made before and a note of wanting to try pumpkin in place of maple syrup in my Maple Cranberry Oatmeal Cookies which I love and have previously shared with you.

My intention was to remember which of these five cookie recipes I had liked ┬ábest and share that with you. The problem was, I couldn’t remember so I just made all six, again. As I made them and ate them I planned to pick one to post today.

By the time I make all six of them and shared them in the emergency department on Thursday night, I had so much fun, I was not able to leave out a single one. They are all very different with different interesting ingredients, tastes and textures. Pick one and give it a try.

Truth be told, I like the Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies best. Why? Well, chocolate, of course. Also, they are more firm and hold together better than the others which makes them easier to eat and transport. If you use pumpkin in cookies, they usually end up soft and cakey.

Here they are all spread out in the ED for everyone to eat and decide which they liked best.

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