Replacement “Mexican Bag”

Here is a departure from my usual bags. I started making bags to find a use for trauma straps that were otherwise ending up in the trash. Years later, we were eating lunch in a little South Asian grocery store with a little restaurant in it. They had big rolls of nylon straps for sale. I was unable to learn what Indians might use them for but I bought a roll to see what I could come up with.

Here is a picture of the bag I made. I modeled it after a shopping bag we bought when we were on vacation in Mexico in 1992. It has been such a great bag for us for all those years that I decided to recreate it. I have now made two of them and they are great for larger volumes like going the beach. No trauma straps but a fun bag.


2 responses to “Replacement “Mexican Bag””

  1. Marlene

    Great looking bag. Interesting you found straps for sale, that’s kind of cool.

  2. Very cool bag.

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