Coincidences 1

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Like Father, Like Son

Two trauma patients came in from the same accident. Both were driving cars that ran head-on into each other. One patient was a middle-aged man who was very intoxicated but fortunately had only minor injuries. The other patient was also drunk and suffered only minor injuries. He also happened to be the son of the first man. They both went off to jail in the same police car.


Luckie Hong

Luckie Hong was a toddler with a respiratory infection. We were mildly entertained by the name and even more so when the intern helping me take care of him told me her dog was named Lucky. Then, when the pediatrician came to admit Luckie to the hospital, she told us she had a pet parrot named Lucky. Name of the day was “Luckie(y)”


He Pulls Out All the Time

When I was living in Alabama, I worked one shift when I saw two different 17-year-old girls claiming they couldn’t possibly be pregnant because their husbands “pull out all the time.”

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