Steak Burrito Supreme

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A 30-year-old man was eating a Steak Burrito Supreme at Taco Bell when he suddenly got a sharp pain in his throat, a choking sensation and inability to swallow. As time passed, he felt a bit better. He was able to take sips of water and talk but continued with severe pain and difficulty swallowing so he called an ambulance and came to the emergency department.

As I talked with him and prepared to examine him, I expected to find a normal throat. In anticipation of that, I started preparing the patient with an explanation of having a scratch in his throat that would be better in the morning.

I was really surprised to look in and see a toothpick, broken off on one end and stabbed into his right tonsil. I reached in with ring forceps, easily grabbed the toothpick and pulled it out. A little blood came out when it was removed. After watching him for a while for any complication, I sent him home with some pain medicine.  I wonder if Taco Bell every heard about that one?

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