Three Bad Ideas

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Bad Idea 1

A 36-year-old man drank five beers then climbed up into a tree house at 10:00 at night. He pulled the ladder up, placed it on top of the tree house and used it to climb up into the top branches of the tree. At that point, the branch he was on broke and he fell, landing first on the roof of the tree house then the ground. The total fall was about the same as from the roof of a two-story building.

He was admitted to the hospital for a concussion and a broken arm


Bad Idea 2

A hospital housekeeper mixed Clorox and an ammonia-containing cleaner in the sink. A pungent chlorine gas filled the emergency department. The whole unit had to be evacuated.


Bad Idea 3

A man in his twenties fell at work and injured his ankle. He went home, thinking it was just a sprain. The next day, it was worse so he came to the emergency department. His ankle was swollen, bruised and tender. He also had nasty burns on his foot, ankle and halfway up to his knee.

He said that after the fall, his coworkers placed dry ice on his leg to keep the swelling down. The dry ice caused such severe burns he had to be admitted to the Burn Unit. As it turned out he did not have a sprain. He had a nasty ankle fracture requiring and orthopedist.

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Comments (3)

  • Becca


    Bad Idea #2 – was the hospital housekeeper affected by the fumes? I was always warned that “you could die….”


  • Linda


    Thanks, Tad; we always enjoy your stories; ah, maybe kind-of-not some of them 🙂
    Love the advice on the frozen cookie dough.


  • Annessa


    If ice is good for sprains, dry ice must be better, right?!
    Backwards logic. Somebody didn’t read the warning on the bin when they bought the ice. Wonder where they work that dry ice was readily available.


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