Vertical Strips with Pocket on Back

Sandy asked for a vertical bag with a pocket on the back. I made it like the bag I take cookies to work in every Thursday but bigger. After hers turned out so well, I was inspired to make another.

Here is the cookie bag.




4 responses to “Vertical Strips with Pocket on Back”

  1. Tad, This orange bag at the bottom with the clip in the middle is REALLY great. Out of all the bags you have designed it really is the best. Its design is very minimal and sleek by design. WOW! You ARE amazing.

  2. Tad,
    Love all the bags above, but the cookie bag is very special. Hope you found the bins on the side of your house.

  3. LOVE your cookie bag!

  4. Elizabeth

    I think all of my El Salvadorian neighbors would love the blue and white stripes. I second Keoki on the design comment- this really is my favorite. I’m having a “where’s waldo” kind of challenge seeing the pocket tho.

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