Virginia Is Now Happy

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Virginia brought her lunch to work in a Tad Bag. When she went to the break room for lunch, she found someone had dumped her lunch out and stole her bag! When I heard about this, I made her a new bag.

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  • tad


    Here is an e-mail I got this last week:

    From: Bethany
    Subject: You’re famous.

    Message Body:
    I work one day a week as an RT at a tiny hospital in the Sierra’s. A couple weeks ago you gave me a ba, and I brought it in with me last week to this other job. One of my co-workers asked me about it and I mentioned your blog. Tonight when I came into work, with my bag, a different co-worker got very excited over the bag and was raving about how great your blog is and that she tried to bake one of your recipes a few days ago. Considering I only work with one other person on nights when I work here, and it was a different person last week when I was showing off my bag, it got around in my department that there is a mysterious Dr Tad who is awesome that I work with in the bay area.


  • Becca


    I am not surprised. I shared your blog with an old ward member who shared it with her sister who shared it with her Facebook page (so now everyone knows about Bad Tad)!

    These bags are hot!! After reading about poor Virginia, it made be wonder if you remember who you give your bags to… perhaps, you or Virginia can keep an eye out for the bag thief! Not that you or she would say anything.


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