Winner of the First Annual Get a Bag Contest

Thanks to everyone who contributed to my first annual Get a Bag Contest  I announced last month. A lot of people sent in many wonderful ideas. Some of them like sexy night wear and prom dresses will probably stay on the drawing board indefinitely but some of the others have my mind going already!

Anya is the winner of the contest. She sent in a lot of great ideas and here is what I made with one of them. It is a belt case that will hold both my Leatherman and my trauma shears, which I usually hang from a retractable key ring on my belt. As I have mentioned before, sewing little things is pretty tricky and I had to go through several tries before I got it right. Big problem: no room for one of my BadTadMD patches!



One response to “Winner of the First Annual Get a Bag Contest”

  1. Very cool. What a great idea to collaborate with all you know and have a contest. How did I miss that opportunity. Bummer. It is an adventure to see all the different ways you seem to be able to use these straps.

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