Black Bags

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A nurse asked me for a black, square bag. It was not something I would have made for myself but she was very pleased. A clerk asked for a black one so I put a flower on it for her. Here they are.

I like them a lot but don’t make many black bags because the black straps are the rarest. I try to use them mostly for trip and contrasting colors.


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  • Shauna


    Hi Tad I love my bag and use it all the time. We have moved to Colorado . I got a job with the Wounded Warrior Project and have met some of my coworkers . One happens to be a wounded warrior and he lost his arm in Iraq, well that hasnt stoped him from doing much. This weekend he taught Rob and I basic kayaking in the pool on a Friday and on Saturday guided us down the Arkanasaw river . It was awesome ! On the way home I told him about your blog and showed him your bag. Of course he wants one. Can I pay for one for him? I love the flowered one by the way. They are so cute!


    • tad


      As you can imagine, lots of people ask for bags and I an just not up to making one for everyone. The natural response is frequently, “Let me pay for one.” I have never charged for a bag. I joke that they are so expensive that, if I charged, no one would be able to afford one. Glad you like it and I sure hope all works well for you in Colorado.


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