How Many Strap?

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I took a couple of nights off last week. I went mountain biking in the Sierras with my friend, Rick. In the five nights I was not there to take care of the straps, this is how many came in:

After I rolled and separated them, this is how many I had to return to the medics to reuse:

This is how many were cut and unable to be reused. I use these for my bags:

These are the buckles cut from the pile seen above:

This gives you an idea of how many of these dumb things I am keeping out of the landfill.


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Comments (4)

  • Becca


    Thank you for keeping them out of the landfill, but how do I get one on my shoulder??


  • Annessa


    That is incredible! I’m glad some are able to be reused. That’s just silly.


  • Virginia Arslan


    Amazing! God Bless you for your patience!


  • Bethany


    This is such a disposible society, at least there are people like you who care about the reprocussions and try not to contribute to the mess. Keep up the great work!!


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