Laundry Supply Bag

Written by Tad. Posted in Trauma Strap Bags

In anticipation of retirement, we bought a Sprinter van, fixed by Roadtrek into an RV. One of the things we learned right away is the importance of being organized, living in such a small space. We decided it would be good to have everything we need for the laundromat in a single bag. It is lined with a plastic box, in case of spills. Now, when it is laundry time, we just have to grab it and the clothes and head off.

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  • jean miles


    I know you are leaving .. what a wonderful thing for the both of you….
    IF you still have a couple that you are selling I would like to get them!!!!!
    if not either way I WISH YOU SO MUCH LUCK IN THE FURTURE!!!!!


  • Virginia Swensen


    I wanted to see a picture of the van. Love having you back in the ward more. At least I get to see you on Zoom periodically.



  • Teresa Velez


    Where are you Going?????? Permanently?? Oh no????? Please no no!


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