Strangled Cat Bites Back

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A 31-year-old woman was brought in by police on a psychiatric hold. In such cases, the police officer writes out a document that says why he or she feels the patient is being forced to undergo psychiatric evaluation.

This is what the police officer wrote on this lady’s hold:

“Subject called 911 and reported that her cat was acting strange and that she had tried to kill it by twisting its neck. Upon police arrival to the subject’s home, there was blood on the sink, floor, tables and all over the cat. The subject told me that the cat was acting strange and not obeying her so she tried to kill it by choking it. When the cat stopped moving, she thought she killed it. Subject said she started to give the cat CPR. When subject started to blow air into the cat’s mouth, the cat came alive and bit her on the hand and lip. Subject was not talking in a coherent manner and she said she had been hearing voices lately.”

The “subject” had cat bites and scratches on her face and fingers. She was given first aid and sent to emergency psychiatry.

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