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My patient was a 39-year-old man who presented in police custody. He wouldn’t talk to me but the police said he they had been called to the home of a twenty-year-old woman who said someone tried to rape her. The woman was drinking at her home with the man. She told police he put his hands around her throat to force her to engage in oral sex but she fought back and bit him. When police arrived at her place, they found her roughed up and upset. A testicle was sitting on her living room floor.

She told them who the body part belonged to and where he lived. Medics, who had been called to the scene, put the testicle in a plastic bag, placed it on ice and brought it to the emergency department in case it could be reimplanted.

When police got to the man’s house, they found him lying on the couch in pain. They brought him into our emergency department for care before he went into custody.

The man’s injury was very interesting in that none of the scrotum was missing. She had pinched the testicle so strongly that it literally popped through the skin, leaving a linear laceration on the front of the scrotum through which the testicle had been pushed out.

We numbed up his scrotum, irrigated the wound and stitched him up. He went off to jail with fifty percent fewer testicles than he had when he got up in the morning.

The woman was also brought in for evaluation. As the word circulated through the emergency department that a woman had bitten off a man’s testicle in order to keep from getting raped, the staff was impressed. Our immediate response was to be moved with compassion for her and pride that she had stood up for herself. She was kind of a hero.

Everyone there was on her side and wanted to be with her emotionally. However, she was just the nastiest person to interact with. She was drunk, dirty and smelly. She was so foul in body and personality that it was impossible, after interacting with her, to continue to have any fond feelings towards her at all.

Her evaluation showed she suffered bruises and scratches but was in no need of medical treatment. The police took her home.

We later found out the woman was a prostitute and the man was on parole after serving seven years on a prior conviction for forced oral copulation.

Here is a redacted copy of the article in the local paper about this event:

Man loses testicle, held in assault.
By XX, Paper Staff Writer
A 20 year-old Sunnyvale woman told police she reacted in self-defense when she bit off the testicle of the man who sexually assaulted her.

A  Municipal court judge on Tuesday ruled XXX, 39, must now stand trial on one count of forcible oral copulation.

The woman, who was drinking at her home with XXX on September 29, told police they may have kissed, but when XXX put his hands around her throat to coerce her to engage in oral sex, she fought back and bit him.

“She thought she was going to die,” said The Department of Safety Detective.

She suffered major bruises around her neck and on her shoulders, scratches and minor bruises on her back and arms, and abrasions on her knee, police reported.

After the woman called police, officers found XXX at his home and rushed him to The Medical Center.

XXX was paroled from prison in February after serving seven years on a conviction for forced oral copulation, according to state Department of Corrections. He remains in jail in lieu of $250,000 bail.

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