Six Blue and Yellow Bags

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Making blue bags is different from making orange or yellow bags because the straps are not nine feet long. They are short and I have to use a different technique in sewing them. In this case, I made six bags at one time and tried to make them as identical as possible. Usually, my “no two bags are identical” approach is like a badge of honor. In this case, I was able to make them all very similar, though not identical, of course, since they are made of discarded materials.

DSC03472 DSC03473 DSC03474 DSC03475 DSC03476 DSC03477 DSC03478

When Did I Start to Sew?

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People often ask me when how I learned how sew and how old I was when I started. I learned to sew by just doing it. My mother always had a sewing machine and she showed me how to use it but I was never taught how to sew. In reality, I have never really sewn, like, you know, using cloth and a pattern to make clothing. My sewing has always been to create something I wanted. This I started doing when I was pretty young. As evidence I reluctantly share with you a picture I recently got from my parents. It shows me at about age ten or so, sitting at my mother’s sewing machine.

0002 Tad sewing

Yellow with Orange

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I finished up my latest batch of bags. They were a bit of a pain to make because these shiny yellow straps are too limp to make good bags. To give them more rigidity, I sew two together. That makes them heavy and nice but it really taxes my machine and my patience to sew them double thickness.

DSC03471  DSC03465 DSC03466 DSC03467 DSC03468 DSC03468 DSC03469 DSC03470

Fold Over Bag

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I have struggled with zippers on my bags. I have just never been able to figure out how to put them on in an easy way. So, every time I make a bag that closes with a zipper, I swear I will never make another.

Here is a bag I made this week that closes but without a zipper. Maybe I can get figure out how to easily make these so I won’t miss zippers.


Here it is, with the sides folded over and buckled in front.


Here is what it looks like when unbuckled. It holds just as much stuff as my regular bags.


Here it is open so you can see the Velcro I used to keep the upper edges apposed when it is buckled up. This is the first time I have used Velcro on a bag.

Black Flower on Blue

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The first time someone asked me to make a black and blue bag, I didn’t think I would like it. I think this goes back to the days when my father taught me to not wear a combination of black and blue clothing. Well, I am sure my dad taught me well but I was  wrong about black and blue together in a Tad Bag. This turned out very nice.

Orange and Blue Bags This Week

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I spent some spare time the last couple of weeks making these bags. My wife asked me why I made seven and I told her it was because that is how many bottoms could be cut out of the material. Doing seven at a time makes me more efficient but at times I do feel like I am in a sweat shop. I crammed them in my locker at work and they are gone already!


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