Black and Yellow

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This week’s bag is not too different from past yellow and black bags but I was careful to make sure the lines were all parallel and it came out nicely.



Best Bag I Ever Made

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Last weekend, I gave my wife’s very nice bag away to my sister-in-law with a promise I would make a new one to replace it. In order to be good to my word, I spent some time this last week carefully making a bag that, with all due humility, is the nicest bag I have ever made. I was very careful at each step of construction. I wanted it to be prefect for her and, though there is no such thing as perfection in this endeavor, it is, for sure, the best bag I have ever made.


Orange with black trim. Large and symetrical


This is detail on the inside: zippered pocket with pen slots. A carabiner for car keys.


From the end, a black stripe up the side.



Big Blue Black

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Our daughter, McKenzie, was here visiting from New York City this last week. You will recognize her from a prior posting:


While she was here, I made a couple of bags for her to take home.

A big blue one for her

DSC02924 DSC02925

and a big orange one for her boss, Brad.


Two of Last Weeks Bags

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This is a standard, small bag made with parallel straps with the ends joined behind the vertical blue strap with the buckle.


This is the basic large bag made with parallel straps, each stap being sewn to itself I sew around in circles.

A New Badtad Bag Style

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My daughter, Hilary, gave me an idea that lead to me spending all day coming up with a new design. It is more of a purse than a grocery or lunch bag but I made two and they came out pretty cool.


Yellow with orange


Detail on yellow bag with ornange


Orange bag with black


Detail on orange bag

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