More Red and Black

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A couple of weeks ago, I shared bags made, for the first time, with red straps. Since then, I came across short straps of red. One was seat belt materiel, the other just regular straps. I think I am going to adopt the seat belt one for my personal use.

DSC03696 DSC03697

Yellow and Green, Again

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A couple of week ago, I made a bag out of seat belts that was olive green and bright yellow. I came across some more yellow and green and made this bag. It is not seat belt material and the green is a lot brighter. By the time I made the bag, there was not an inch of green left over to fix the buckle on so I used black.


Yellow and Green Bag

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Most of the trauma straps that come into our department are nine feet long and two inches wide. They are made of nylon or some similar material. Occasionally, straps come in from somewhere outside our county that are different. They are made of the same material as seat belts, which are heavier, smoother and finer than our normal straps.

This bag is first for me in two ways. It is the first time I have actually used the seat belt straps to make a bag and, this one has olive green as an accent. I had never had that color before one showed up this last week.


Sorry the picture doesn’t do the dark green justice. Believe me, though, it is not black and it looks great with the bright yellow.


Latest Donation to RAFT

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I just made my first strap delivery to RAFT in 2015. I dropped off 1541 trauma straps that I have kept from going into the trash in the last few months. Here is what they looked like in the back of my car.


Red Stripes!

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We have never had red trauma straps. I wondered if the county EMS people might shy away from “blood-colored” straps for PR reasons. I know they are made in red because I have seen them online.

A while ago, two long, narrow straps were left outside our department. I have no idea who left them or what they were for as I had never seen straps like this before. After they were there long enough to gather dirt and be an eyesore, I brought them home and finally had time to include one in a bag. And it is red! It was just long enough to make two small bags. Here they are.

DSC03623 DSC03624 DSC03626

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